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Brothers armed. Military Aspects of the Crisis in Ukraine

Brothers armed. Military Aspects of the Crisis in Ukraine

Автор: Колби Ховард

Год издания: 2014

The 2014 Nuclear Threat Initiative Nuclear Materials Security Index is the second edition of a unique public assessment of nuclear materials security conditions around the world. Developed with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the NTI Index was created to assess the security of nuclear materials around the world and to encourage governments to take actions and provide assurances about the security of the world’s deadliest materials. It has sparked international discussions about priorities required to strengthen security.

The NTI Index draws on NTI’s nuclear expertise, the EIU’s experience in constructing indices, and the reach of the EIU’s global network of hundreds of analysts and contributors. NTI—together with an international panel of nuclear security experts and a number of technical advisors—developed the framework and priorities that define effective nuclear materials security conditions. The EIU was responsible for developing the analytic model and gathering the data.

The NTI Index assesses the contributions of 25 states with one kilogram or more of weapons-usable nuclear materials toward improved global nuclear materials security conditions. It assesses states in five categories: (a) Quantities and Sites, (b) Security and Control Measures, (c) Global Norms, (d) Domestic Commitments and Capacity, and (e) Risk Environment. An additional 151 states, with less than one kilogram of weapons-usable nuclear materials or none at all, are assessed on the final three of the categories.

The print report, which contains NTI observations and recommendations, a complete discussion of the EIU methodology, selected data, and country profiles.