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Международные конфликты и миротворчество

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Peace diplomacies: Negotiating in armed conflicts


Автор: Vicenç Fisas Armengol

Год издания: 2015

Although some of today's armed conflicts seem unsolvable, the fact is that in the last three decades, four out of five of the armed conflicts have concluded with a peace agreement at a negotiating table, and not with the military victory of one of the parties. Almost half of today's conflicts, however, are still active, and pose a serious challenge to peace diplomacy which seeks to reduce the levels of violence and conduct parties to the path of negotiations. This book, which is based on the observation of a large number of negotiations and on the author's own experience, emphasizes those methodologies that have proven to be most useful in terms of ensuring the smooth running of a peace process, and which may help overcome the numerous crises that may be encountered along the way.