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ISPI Report "Beyond Ukraine. EU and Russia in Search of a New Relation"

ISPI Report "Beyond Ukraine. EU and Russia in Search of a New Relation"

Год издания: 2015

Due to the Ukrainian crisis, relations between the EU and Russia hit rock bottom, the lowest point from the end of the Cold War. Indeed, it is crystal clear that today’s dispute is nothing but the latest chapter of a long story of misunderstandings and conflicting strategies on the post–Soviet states of Eastern Europe and South Caucasus. The further deepening of this cleavage would inflict serious damage on all interested parties: the EU, Russia and several post-Soviet states. Why is Ukraine so important both for EU and Russia? What are the real origins of the current crisis that brought to an open confrontation between Russia and the EU? What is the rationale behind Russia’s firm opposition to a further NATO enlargement? What are the viable options to escape the fate of a new "Cold War"?

Introduction, Paolo Magri

The EU and Russia after Crimea: Is Ukraine the Knot?, Carmen Claudín, Nicolás de Pedro

EU–Russia: What Went Wrong?, Aldo Ferrari

After Maidan: Re–Starting NATO–Russia Relations, Luca Ratti

Russia, Poland and the "New Europe": Inevitable Clash?, Stefan Bielanski

Seen from Moscow: Greater Europe at Risk, Ivan Timofeev

The Logic of U.S. Engagement: Talking to Russia – and European Allies in the Lead, Sean Kay

Conclusions. What Policy Actions for the EU?, Aldo Ferrari