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Munich Security Report 2015 “Collapsing Order, Reluctant Guardians?


Год издания: 2015

On 26 January 2015, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) has published the first Munich Security Report (MSR), an annual digest on critical questions and important trends in the field of international security policy. This year's inaugural edition is called "Collapsing Order, Reluctant Guardians?" In addition to providing short summaries of key issues, the report features a selection of some of the most insightful analyses, charts, and maps that can help illuminate crucial challenges in the realm of international security. The report serves as a conversation starter for the debates at the Munich Security Conference and background reading for MSC participants, but also represents a contribution to the security-policy debate and addresses the interested public. Topics of this year's report include different aspects and consequences of the Ukraine crisis, a survey of recent developments in jihadist extremism, new challenges such as hybrid warfare, and the global refugee crisis.